Interior Render

InteriorA few days ago I started to improve my 3DS Max and vray skills by modeling some interior scenes. My main goal is to create some photorealistic images. This is my first rendering of a simple living room. I used a vray physical camera, vray materials of course, a vray sun and a vray light plane in front of each window. It was rendered with the irradiance map and light cache + detail enhancement method. In my opinion it still needs some tweaks. The lighting and the color balance is not perfect yet, as well as some materials needs to be retouched. Stay tuned, I will upload a lot of more stuff the next days. Feel free to comment my work!

Refurbished Commodore 64

A real rarity I’ve found a few months ago was my old C64 lying around in the cellar. The case was very dirty and after nearly 25 years of life typical brown discolored. It took me some time to clean it up. I dismantled the individual components and cleaned all parts seperately from each other. Finally I bleached the case itself to bring back the original color. I would say the result looks quite respectable. Maybe it looks good mounted on my living room wall or maybe I will put it in service again. We’ll see…